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Horeke - Hokianga Harbour - Northland

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Twin Oaks

Cannibal J

Fantail Room

During waking hours the bird is almost never still. It flits from perch to perch, sometimes on the ground but mostly on the twigs of a tree or any other convenient object, looking out for flying insects. The birds are not shy, and will often flit within a few metres of people, especially in forested areas and suburban gardens. In doing so, it is able to catch any small flying insects that may have been disturbed by human activities such as walking or digging.

From this room you will see these and other bids flitting around the garden.  Fantails will come up to your window as they are very nosey.  The surrounding bush and roses also has numerous Tui and Lorikeets sometimes feed there.

King Single and Single beds
Price (incl Breakfast)
$ 120.00 double, per night
$   40.00 per extra person
Shared Bathroom

Fantail spreading its wings and tail.

Riverhead Guesthouse - B & B
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