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Cannibal Jack Room

A large part of the history of this part of the country involves a man who had the title of Cannibal Jack (real name Jack Marmon).

“And another white warrior came in with his gun. This was Jacky Marmon a wild figure and the chief actor in many a bloody episode of old New Zealand.  He was an ex convict from the chain gang of Sydney.  He had settled among the Maoris in the days when New Zealand was a ‘no mans land’, fought in their wars and even shared in their cannibal feasts.  His fondness for human flesh was notorious among both Maori and Pakeha in the ‘eighteen thirties’ and early ‘eighteen forties’.”

This is an excerpt from an interesting book on his life (available for visitors to read).

The room is so called as the site where he is buried (reportedly upside down to stop any rising from the grave) can be seen across the river.

Price (incl Breakfast) 
$ 135.00 per night double 
$ 40.00 pp extra
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Drawing of the famous legend: Cannibal Jack

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